Chronodex and multi notebooks - 2 years on

I though it was time to update on my Chronodex use - 2 years on and it's still going strong. In fact I can't imagine how I managed without it.
My 3 multi notebooks
I have 2 larger notebooks - one just for studio-sweepings, one for art related stuff ( (Studio-sweepings is my 'day job' - I am also an artist, my art blog is here). I also have a pocket sized one which is the one I carry around with me.

Left: my midori, Middle: a home made version from an old leather 'wrap' notebook cover (see how I made it here), Right: another home made 'passport' sized (see how I made it here) - I'm still using the original one I made back in January 2011 with the addition of a quiver pen holder. The smaller one is divided as follows:
 Notebook one: Diary
Notebook two: studio-sweepings stuff
Notebook three: art stuff
Chronodex in action. I adapted it (read how here) from the original design by Patrick Ng - you can read about his version and down load printable templates to fit the Midori traveller's Notebooks here. My version has gradually got smaller :) - I can now fit a whole year into one passport sized notebook.
A blank set of pages ready to colour code. I use it to track my time and visually assess how much time I spend on each area of my life. (Have to make sure I spend enough time drawing!) Alongside this I use my phone/ google calender for specific appointments and events.