New babies - new products!

New Baby Personalised Magnet Card avavilable on Etsy
I often create new products in response to family events - usually they are ideas in progress which I haven't got around to finalising. My neice gave birth to a little girl this week so it seemed the perfect time to finally sort my new baby magnet card (available on Etsy here) and a new baby keepsake tin (available here).

I also needed a boy version for photographing - and a couple of days ago my daughter's friend very considerately also gave birth - to a little boy. So now both products are made, photographed and will shortly be on their way to the new parents.

New baby Personalised Magnet Keepsake available on Etsy

Teacher time...

Teacher Keepsake
With the end of term fast approaching it's time for a little token of appreciation for all those teachers out there. A good teacher can make such a difference to how we feel about lifelong learning and I'm sure we all have teachers we remember long into adulthood.
Best Teacher magnet/ badge Card
I had an English teacher (many, many years ago now) who made a real difference in my life. I'd always wanted to 'be an artist' and can't remember ever wanting to do anything else. The route was a year long art foundation course followed by a degree - but in Leicester the entry age for the foundation course was 17 and as I was a July baby it meant I had to do something for a year before I was old enough to apply. I was so sick of school (and being told what to do :)) that I decided to do a college course instead, had the interview and got a place. My English teacher sat me down and told me that if I really wanted to pursue my dream I should go for it and doing A levels would only be an extra year - which was such a short time in terms of my whole life. I ended up staying on at school and completing my A levels and then went on to a Foundation course and Art College - and the rest, as they say, is history. Alongside that she nurtured my love of reading and writing and gave me a real confidence in my ability to question and evaluate. I do wonder what would have happened if she hadn't made the time to sit me down and have that conversation. I think I would still have ended up at Art College - but probably after a few wasted years doing something I had no real interest in.
Teacher mirror & winecharm gift set


'I should be..' keyring and badge available on NOTHS
It's holiday season and this beautiful weather is really helping to focus the mind on sea, sand and sunshine. I am taking a break this year for a whole week - the first time in years - and will be spending some time with my husband, my sisters (all 5 of them!), their partners and my Dad. I am really looking forward to some time to relax, unwind and recharge the batteries. I work from home but I am going to close the door to my studio and not open it again until the week is up (if I can resist the urge). It does mean my ETSY shop will be in holiday mode and NOTHS will have extended delivery times for all products from 18th June - 25th June 2018. After Monday 18th June my next posting day will be Wednesday 27th June. I will answer any urgent enquiries during this time (but may not be as quick to respond as usual if away from computer).

Love is in the Air - 'The Engagement'

Engagement keepsake available on ETSY
The engagement is of course all about the ring. My daughter's fiance got her ring before the proposal so he had it when he popped the question. I must admit I was a bit worried before he went to get it as I thought it was a bit risky. I know how fussy my daughter is (she takes after her mother). However, once I saw it I realised - not only has he got great taste in women - he also has great taste in jewellery. It is sooo pretty - a central square of diamonds with diamonds along the shoulders. (There was a bit of a panic when one of the stones fell out at a beach wedding in California a week after she'd got it - but the jewellers did sort it out, so it's now sparkling on her finger again.)

Milestones and celebrations in my family often give me ideas for new products or prompt me to get cracking on ones I've had in the pipeline for a while. I have, at last, got round to engagement cards/ keepsakes as I wanted to give them something to mark the occasion. Above are two magnets made especially for her and her fiance (all wrapped ready to finally hand over!).
Love & Kisses vinyl stickers from NOTHS
These are now available from my ETSY shop along with a couple of card/magnet options. They also got a fantastic present from my sister Lisa who runs The Homemade Mug Company Contact her for details if you know a couple you want something special for (or maybe go along and make something special yourself at one of the many workshops she runs at her shop in Mountsorrel?)
Stacking message from The Handmade Mug Company

Love is in the Air - 'The Proposal'

Marry Me? Keepsake available on NOTHS
Valentine Wine Glass Charm available on NOTHS
With summer on the way there are many couples organising their wedding day whether it's last minute preparations for this summer or planning ahead for 2019. I have done wedding products for a while and love the idea of playing a small part in making the day very special -  but now it's become personal! My beautiful daughter is getting married next August and I will be helping her to do much of the 'creative' stuff - save the dates, invites, table decorations etc. I've decided to blog about the journey (and introduce some new products which will inevitably develop along the way). There may be a delay in some of the postings as obviously don't want to spoil the surprises on the day (but I'm sure I will be able to give a hint or two!).

I was going to start with the engagement but then realised the first step is, of course, the proposal. I have a couple of products related to this (for sale on NOTHS) but my daughter's involved a LOT of tea/ fairy lights and a complete nightmare getting her to the proposal site. Shan't share the story here as I think my husband wants it saving for the speeches :), but it was accomplished and of course she said yes! A couple of months after my daughter got engaged we had another proposal in the family - my niece - so we now have 2 weddings in 2019 - so exciting!!