Aiming to be 100%

I'm currently researching how feasible it is to go 100% recycled with all my products. (Apart from the actual components used to make the badges, magnets and mirrors - and I'm hoping people will keep these so they won't go to landfill.)
As I started the whole venture to use existing papers and packaging - stacked in my attic and waiting to be used for something! - in theory much of what I use is already recycled but when I need to replace stock I want to be as eco-friendly as possible. All my current card stock is 50% recycled - a lovely heavyweight, lightly textured card. Once this runs out I would like to replace with a 100% recycled - I just need to find something which feels and looks as nice. The hand-made envelopes are from recycled books and papers  but I would also like the plain envelopes to be recycled if possible. Originally the plain envelopes were also handmade from recycled papers but as this ran out it didn't make sense to buy paper to make more so these are now mainly ready-made. This is probably the most difficult if I want the colours/ sizes I'm currently using so I may have to rethink one or the other in the future. The pillow box gift wrap for my mirrors is 100% recycled but I don't think the raffia and tags are - so that's an area to be looked at. The other areas I need to research are corn starch packets, biodegradable clear stickers and recycled paper for printing.
As I still have quite a lot of stock this won't happen overnight but I am determined to restock with 100% recycled where possible from now on.