Wedding keepsakes & 'save the date' magnets

Inspired by yet another family event - my nephew and his beautiful girlfriend are getting married next year - I've been working on wedding 'keepsakes' and 'save the date' magnets. It seems to me a magnet is an ideal date reminder if it's on the fridge and visible every time you go into the kitchen? For the keepsake I've substituted 'congratulations' in place of 'save the date'. I still need to decide on colours (for the magnet, paper and raffia) - although I will probably give a choice and I want to try a few more fonts - I think a script option is a good idea.  (I do realise 5th September is not a Saturday :)  but this was just a trial to see how it looked with longer names and month - and if it was still readable.) These won't be available until next year - along with the 'new baby' and a valentine keepsake - but I thought it was a good idea to start planning now.