'I should be..' keyring and badge available on NOTHS
It's holiday season and this beautiful weather is really helping to focus the mind on sea, sand and sunshine. I am taking a break this year for a whole week - the first time in years - and will be spending some time with my husband, my sisters (all 5 of them!), their partners and my Dad. I am really looking forward to some time to relax, unwind and recharge the batteries. I work from home but I am going to close the door to my studio and not open it again until the week is up (if I can resist the urge). It does mean my ETSY shop will be in holiday mode and NOTHS will have extended delivery times for all products from 18th June - 25th June 2018. After Monday 18th June my next posting day will be Wednesday 27th June. I will answer any urgent enquiries during this time (but may not be as quick to respond as usual if away from computer).