Teacher time...

Teacher Keepsake
With the end of term fast approaching it's time for a little token of appreciation for all those teachers out there. A good teacher can make such a difference to how we feel about lifelong learning and I'm sure we all have teachers we remember long into adulthood.
Best Teacher magnet/ badge Card
I had an English teacher (many, many years ago now) who made a real difference in my life. I'd always wanted to 'be an artist' and can't remember ever wanting to do anything else. The route was a year long art foundation course followed by a degree - but in Leicester the entry age for the foundation course was 17 and as I was a July baby it meant I had to do something for a year before I was old enough to apply. I was so sick of school (and being told what to do :)) that I decided to do a college course instead, had the interview and got a place. My English teacher sat me down and told me that if I really wanted to pursue my dream I should go for it and doing A levels would only be an extra year - which was such a short time in terms of my whole life. I ended up staying on at school and completing my A levels and then went on to a Foundation course and Art College - and the rest, as they say, is history. Alongside that she nurtured my love of reading and writing and gave me a real confidence in my ability to question and evaluate. I do wonder what would have happened if she hadn't made the time to sit me down and have that conversation. I think I would still have ended up at Art College - but probably after a few wasted years doing something I had no real interest in.
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